Divorce Support Groups

Divorce Support Groups

By: PK Jordan

During divorce, you should not have to face it alone.  There are many resources out there concerning divorce support.   Here is a group called Divorce Care.  The group has been around for 20+ years and there are over 16,000 locations that teach on Divorce Care worldwide.  http://www.divorcecare.org/  The curriculum is aimed to help you heal right where you are at.  The group is not looking for perfect people.  What a relief!

Below are the topic descriptions for Divorce Care as follows:

  • What’s happening to me?
  • The Road to healing/finding help
  • Facing my anger
  • Facing my loneliness
  • What does the owner’s manual say?
  • New relationships
  • Financial survival
  • Kid care
  • Single sexuality
  • Forgiveness
  • Reconciliation
  • Moving on, growing closer to God

At Divorce Care you are not expected to share.  You are asked to commit to three weeks minimum.  You deserve to heal and be a better you.  If you have any questions regarding the group, please contact www.DivorceCare.org or call your mediator Pk Jordan at 480-788-4187 for additional information.

Your mediator Pk Jordan was divorced 9 years ago.  I can tell you that support during divorce is essential.  Start today by taking your first step to healing.  http://www.divorcecare.org/


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